Not Back to School

Jack’s first full day back at school and Sam and I marked it by going to the group Not Back to School picnic.   Took Sam a while to relax into it but eventually he found a group on the edge of the moat and they made ‘fishing rods’.  Only Sam being Sam added stones and turned his into a mace.


Chatting to a new lady she commented how many of us there were.  Yet only a small proportion of the home educators I know were there.  It shouldn’t but it does still surprise me how much the home ed social scene has changed in 10 years.  Not necessarily for the better or worse just different.  Size plays an awfully big part in that, there are so many more of us about.

When I was looking back on old blog posts earlier in the week I found this; Portsmouth Home Ed Groups first Not Back to School picnic back in 2010 🙂


When we got home we decided to start Sam’s spy project by watching Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale.  Crikey it dragged on!  The window man arriving part way through to measure up for my new doors was a relief not intrusion.

Plus as we discussed James Bond is not so much a spy more an assassin.

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