Sam said to me today that we should go to the park more.  He was right!

Last year Sam seemed to crave company and was asking to see people most days, add the fact that my Dad moved down and we were suddenly trying to factor in extended family and we always seemed on the go.  It drained us both!

This year I think we both feel the need to cut right back.  Sam is very happy about the idea of attending the Adventure Playground regularly and catching most of his friends in one place.  He’s even happier about the fact that on most occasions we’re not committed and don’t have to go if we’re not in the mood that day.

Bowling and laser quest we are committed because I organise but he will only miss laser quest if very ill and in that case someone else will have to sort it on the day.  Hoping bowling will end up being as equally easy and passable on if needed.  Time will tell.

I’m trying to have 2 weekdays a week with no regular activity.  Not even Grandad!  Oh I’m sure we’ll fill them up quickly enough but trying to take it slow.

Maths and English, Latin and Spanish happened quickly and efficiently.  Sam then wanted to play MagnaHigh until his friend arrived for a bit of Minecraft and some Lego.

After lunch we were waiting for someone to pick up some books so we read some seasonal poems.  With more time than expected we read some of our science about the movement of the Earth in space.  Had fun playing with an orrery app I’d put on the Kindle and then made a mini card version for the Earth, sun and moon.


We then got out the torch and globe to demonstrate day and night.

20150910_8 And did a worksheet!20150910_9

We gave up waiting then and went to the post office to return giant wellies (I could tell form the size of the parcel they’d messed up!) and buy milk.

Weather was beautiful so spent happy hour in the park before nipping home to sort out the books.

20150910_12 20150910_16 20150910_17 20150910_20

We ended the afternoon experimenting by making cakes using just Betty Crocker mix and cans of pop, no eggs or fat.  Very successfully too!  Ginger cake with Cawstons rhubarb and apple juice – lovely!  Also made a chocolate cake with diet coke.


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