Sense of Newness

I must admit, although it wouldn’t be how I’d have chosen to go, now I’m used to it I do like having a long summer break from organised home education.  Words were carefully chosen there :).

That said Sam has ‘needed’ a return to routine for a while.  So with Jack now on his first full week of the school term it was time to pick up the reins.

The long break always gives me time to think so Sept usually brings changes.  Academically not so much as was reasonably happy with how last year went but ready to come out of hibernation and start socialising more again (although as ever very much on Sam’s terms).

The trick to the start of term I find is low expectations.  It always takes a few weeks to get into the swing of it.

Monday though went as well as could be hoped for.  English (the hard one) done with only minor wobble, Maths galloped through, Spanish and Latin need bit more practice to become easy again.  We even had time to slot in some Science before we had to go out.  A bit of reading to introduce our new topic and then we made a poster to show the Earth in space.


A lovely ferry ride followed for lunch and our first home ed group bowling session at Gunwharf, with new (to me) faces to chat to.


The miserable face was dislike of the painted Spinnaker 🙂  A feeling I share!  Looks tacky.  Loved the clean sharp whiteness of it, this is no better the red suggestion to me.  That would have been better as there was at least a point (if one I don’t like ‘branding’).  This is just spoiling something beautiful for no real purpose.



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