Slowly does it (Start of Term Lurgies)

There was a definite taking it slow about Wednesday.  Sam got up late, complaining of sore eye and with a very noticeable case of the sniffles.  I was feeling rather sluggish too.  Seems Jack’s ‘back to school lurgy’ has spread.  A day to take our time over things and accept any thing done as a bonus – pressure in this situation will only result in tears from someone.

Sam did some Duolingo while I set up a maths game, I’d sneaked ahead on the leader board and that needed fixing.

We then played the maths game.  Numbers 1-50 on cards and a base card (or scribbled piece of paper) each with numbers 1-6 down the side and space for a card next to each.  We drew a card and had to place it on the paper.  The idea was to fill your card with numbers in ascending order.  Once a card was down though you couldn’t move it.  Winner was the first to fill their card.  After a few goes, we each wrote 10 numbers between 500 and 1000 on cards and played with them.

20150909_63 20150909_64We then had some fun on Mathletics with Roman numerals (well I thought it was fun!).  English consisted of copywork, spelling and starting memorising a poem.


Which he illustrated – with vomit :/

Rest of morning disappeared in playing on Live Mathletics, Reading Eggspress and reading from Enid Blyton’s Nature Lovers Book.  If you are even slightly interested in the Charlotte Mason approach I can not recommend that book enough.  For every month of the year it has two stories describing nature walks.

I was expecting us to fizzle out after lunch but Sam picked up.  So we introduced our artist of the half term – Van Gogh.  Again another huge recommendation for the Anholt’s Artists picture books!


Sam then spent nearly an hour in the conservatory painting his own sunflowers.  He used cotton buds to dab on the paint for a more textured look (standard poster paint thickened with pva for more texture).


20150909_71 By this point in the day I was flagging and had got distracted trying to get our membership of sorted.  We joined well over a year ago but have never actually used it and log in details were long forgotten.  Think we may have a go at some this year.

While I was pottering on there Sam read through an introduction to our spy topic.


Then we started working through one of our computer coding books.  It is nearly identical to the kids version with Carol Vorderman on the cover.  Hadn’t realised that when I bought it, but sold on the other one now.   He’s comfortable with Scratch so nothing new really just adding a bit of structure and logical progression.

20150910_420150909_72 20150909_74

After doing the project I left him playing on it.

A lot better day than the start suggested 🙂

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