The Week is Whizzing By!

New term routines are pretty well established by now and time is starting to pass at a bit of a gallop.  So another rapid catch up post.

Saturday saw us at the Mayflower for Horrible Histories.  We’ve seen quite a few of these now.  Think this may be our last though, we’ve enjoyed them but I think Sam’s outgrown them and Jack didn’t want to join us.

20150928_1 - Copy We rarely go into Southampton so we took the opportunity to explore Toys’r’Us and discuss ideas for Christmas and Birthday.  Sam has never really done toys that much so has always been hard to buy for as he never ‘wants anything’.  We then ran back to Argos (who had a 3 for 2 offer on) to actually buy some toys with his own money that he has been hoarding since Christmas!20150928_2 - Copy

Home ed wise there has been more verb and sentence work.  Maths we’ve moved on to multiplication and division.
20150928_3 - Copy

We spent most of the rest of Monday playing with codes and ciphers.  Plus a bit of Scratch.

20150928_4 - Copy 20150928_8 20150928_10 20150928_13

We didn’t bother with ‘work’ yesterday morning.  I was running the activity at localish HE group so wanted to get there early and also as it was the last day of Argos’s 3 for 2 sale I spent some time shopping!

Acid and alkali reactions were the order of the day.  Lemon volcanoes


and dripping food colouring on to paper coated in a dried bicarb of soda paste and then coating it in vinegar so it fizzed and the colours ran.
20150929_5 20150929_6

Plus lots of play.  After initial 5 sec grump when I said his best friend wouldn’t be there, he decided it was fine as he had other friends :).  As it happened none of his usual friends were there but he didn’t seem to notice and moved happily from playing with one person to another.  20150929_8


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