Bumping Along

We’re struggling at the moment.   Nothing horrendous just head colds we can’t shake.  Sam is going through a really bad spell regards sleeping which really isn’t helping, hard to tell what’s illness and what’s exhaustion.

Anyway we muddled through Monday morning before heading to our first full bowling session of the term.  Hopefully we have a decent size core group that will make numbers easy to maintain.

Sam picked up while we were there but I was exhausted and soggy by the time we were home and settled for hot bath and bed.  Only 2nd time in nearly 10 years of guiding I’ve missed a session!

Tuesday we were supposed to be attending a home ed event at the Science Centre in Winchester but on Monday I suggested that our place be offered to someone on the waiting list as I was very unsure we’d make it.  I slightly regretted it on Tue morning as woke up feeling loads better.  But was definitely the right decision, mid morning we walked up to the post office and half way there I had legs of jelly, day on my feet would not have been good for me.  Sam ended up skipping Cubs too and was flat out on the sofa by 5pm (but still awake at 12.30!)

We did some maths and English yesterday but my patience wasn’t what it should be so decided not to push much else.

So Sam wrote a long overdue letter to his penfriend and we parcelled that up with a sorry we’re so late gift and some wool which his mum has kindly offered to turn into crochet leaves for me.  We also sorted out a birthday card as part of an appeal to make the day special for a poorly young man.  We then walked up to the post office.

Exhausted then, afternoon went in Lego play, documentary watching. reading, and baths.

We did make some bouncy balls from a kit we had hanging around though.


Oh and had a play with a ‘spy watch’.



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