Down but not out

I think this might be one of the longest breaks from blogging in quite a while.  Nearly a fortnight to catch up on!

It’s been a meh one really.  Had Jack home for 3 days last week ill and then Sam was full of cold.  I’ve very much felt like I’m going through the motions and not up for things that require a lot of energy and drive from me.

We’re on target with Maths and English though.  Not so good with reading, Latin and Spanish.  We do seem to be making very good progress on the English and Maths front though so will take the success and be happy.  He’s starting to embrace creative writing and the drawing of comic strips has restarted.


Science we’ve looked at tectonic plates, nothing exciting to report as not really doing anything new.  We have been watching Rise of the Continents which is really good!

Finished off our look at the origins of the Bible with some drawing, thinking of the images and emotions displayed in the Bible.  This is the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve being banished.

20151023_1In art inspired by Van Gogh’s Prisoners Exercising we looked at light and shadow.We went out and sketched a tree looking at the light through the branches and the shadows on the ground.

20151020_2 20151020_3 20151023_3

We’ve moved on from Spies to Europe as a project.  At the moment we’re mainly plodding through worksheets from a study pack but actually they are working well for us in current frame of mind.

Other things we’ve done is start to get in the Halloween spirit.  He made a costume for the cubs party.

20151020_5 We had laser quest with a huge turn out.  While we were at the Dockyard we visited the WWI ship M33.20151020_1

We’ve also nipped in to the new exhibition at Gosport Gallery about the evolution of dinosaurs to birds (something that was a pet subject of Jack’s) and had quite a few trips into various libraries.  Lots of books read.  We did manage a big trip to Kidzania in London but that one is worth a post of it’s own.

Glad half term is upon us.  I need to find my mojo again.

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