The big event of the half-term was Wednesday’s trip to Kidzania.  I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest.  The concept sounded great but we all know promise isn’t always realised.  Reviews I’ve come across from home educators have been a bit mixed, seems the make up of the visitors has a lot of impact on the overall experience.  I was a bit concerned after I realised it was half-term in some places.

We had a fantastic time.  It was busy but it didn’t feel overcrowded, mostly families and the only real waiting was for the next activity slot.  Tbh I’m not sure I’d like it too quiet I think it would feel a bit ghost town and creepy.

There were 54 of us and it ran so smoothly right the way through the booking process.  Few issues of people leaving paying until last minute but everyone did.  Few issues with people being late because they struggled with parking but I knew they were all near so not a problem.  Venue accommodating.

As an educational trip I don’t think there is much to be gained for the over 8’s but I think the older ones probably enjoyed it more and really embraced the ‘play’ aspect.

Sam’s thoughts “On Wednesday we went to Kidzania which is kind of like a warehouse with small buildings in it and children do jobs like police or fire brigade. My favourite job was air conditioning because I got to crawl around in vents. I also enjoyed the radio station and chocolate factory. there was also a smoothie factory and a ice cream factory. You get paid for the jobs in money which you spend in the gift ship and food stalls. The entrance is made to look like a airport. They give you wristbands to make sure you don’t leave without permission. there was a fire station and a British airways simulator. for some activities you had to pay in the money they pay you with.”

Some photos, they aren’t great as through glass and it was dark and children were moving and I was trying to avoid getting children I didn’t know in shot.  Missed several of the activities he did.

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