Layers of the Earth

For some reason Sam’s Duolingo app seems to have upgraded and mine hasn’t.  Means he is only getting about 1/2 the number of points I am, which is going to affect his motivation I expect.  Something to fix there.

Anyway good news of the day was finally getting a gold certificate on Mathletics.

20150930_3He likes maths that has an element of ‘trick’ to it and multiplying by 10s. 100s etc fits that.
We’re using the worksheets from Mathletics which are working really well so far.20150930_2He’s started to learn and copy out a new poem in English, making a booklet.  Notice some science creeping in there 🙂20150930_1Sun was out so we took a walk to the village for milk, lunch, Beano and to collect our pottery.  I keep saying it – but I love living by the sea.

20150930_5 20150930_8

Linking to the foraging skill on DIY we spent quite a while talking about the health benefits of dandelions.


The afternoon was given over to talking about the internal structure of the Earth.  Not a new concept at all so reinforcement and a bit of fun.

We had a quiz.

20150930_15Made and dissected an Earth

20150930_10 20150930_11 And squished it to make a ‘flat Earth’.20150930_14 Labelled the layers of the Earth using a hardboiled egg.


Made a minibook to go in our project scrapbook.



Sam’s favourite bit though was layers of the earth pudding.

Biscuit bashing20150930_18 Jelly making20150930_4 Jelly core, angel delight mantle and crushed choc digestive crust.  All topped wih some Cadbury ‘pebbles’.20150930_19Here’s the pottery!


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