Little Woodham

Just across the country park from us is a little gem.  It is a reconstructed C17th village, set in 1642 on the cusp of the Civil War.  The thing that makes it a gem is not so much the buildings but the people, staffed by volunteers all in character, they really do bring it alive.

New since we last went is a kiln and pottery.

20151008_10 20151008_11

Visiting one of the cottages – a braid weaver.

20151008_12 20151008_13

The table of ‘the wise woman’ with her herbal medicine.20151008_16 The weaver.

20151008_17 20151008_18

Sam got dripped on by a candle he was sitting underneath – half a candle by the look of it (seems they operate C17th Health and Safety 😉 ). When they had established that it was mostly a clothes problem (as in possibly ruined jumper and trousers!) and although some did go on the skin he didn’t seem to have a burn and seeing I obviously wasn’t too worried they went for distraction and successfully diverted him from complaining about sore hand be showing him a musket! 20151008_20 20151008_21 We spent a long time watching the blacksmith.20151008_24 Then a bit of tree climbing.20151008_27Before heading home.  Perfect trip for a recovering from illness day.  Near enough to home and small enough that a couple of hours did us.

At home Sam got changed so I could try and soak off the wax and we had an afternoon by the fire watching Orbit, playing All the Kings Men (it’s a chess style game for those like me that are rubbish at chess – that said Sam always beats me at this too!) and then Sam’s new book arrived!  It’s the new novel by Rick Riordan (of Percy Jackson fame) and by bed he was over 400 pages into it 🙂

Before we went to Little Woodham we did spend half and hour practising division.   I was feeling guilty at being short of patience yesterday.  We used pattern blocks, bottle tops and cubes as different place value levels and showed how you would swap downwards as needed.


Before I wrote this post I had to look up when the last time we went to Little Woodham was – 4 1/2 years ago it seems – that is why I love to blog 🙂

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