Sick Day

One of the huge benefits of home education is the flexibility to absorb sick days.  Okay, if you’re ill and you’ve a healthy child and plans to go out it’s a nightmare.  But those days when your child isn’t quite right and you don’t have to make that horrible call of school or no school its a godsend.  Then if you are both meh it is wonderful to put everything away and snuggle down.

This is where we were on Friday then.  Both full of cold, all aches and muzzyness.  We did manage maths, English, Latin and Spanish and then gave up.  A hot bath and an afternoon on the sofa followed.

We read Alice in Wonderland for a while.  Then I put on a documentary that I’d recorded the night before – Oak Tree: Nature’s Great Survivor  – highly recommend it.  I’d put out some Lego for Sam but he pretty much sat there for 1 1/2 hrs focussed on the documentary.  I did some sewing though 🙂

20151004_3 There was also Scratch!20151004_4

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