Birthday Boy

We lost Thursday in a mix of appointments and chores.  A non-day really.  We did do stuff but nothing to note.

Friday marked the start of birthday celebrations for Sam’s 10th birthday.  We seem to have fallen into Birthday sleepover routine which is a nice, and low stress for me, way to celebrate.

We picked up Oscar at the ferry and headed up to a local soft play centre for the afternoon.  I think these places are the work of the devil.  We haven’t been to this particular one (Monkey Bizness) for at least 4 years but it is definitely still a cut above the other local offerings which all feel dark and scummy.  Fun City in Fareham at least has the advantage of cheapness but Playzone is just horrible in every way.  This one is light and airy with an appealing cake selection and passable coffee at least.

Back home and there was just play.  We had planned to go out to watch a local fireworks display but they weren’t so keen by the time it was leave the house time.  A walk on the beach to see if we could see something from here was the compromise (possibly if we’d gone at the right time 😉 )

13-2-15 003 Take away for tea and a film finished off the night.  I do believe they stayed up until midnight so they saw in Sam’s birthday :).

20151114_1 Sam’s birthday was a home day (apart from returning Oscar).  This is how he likes them.  A day for playing with presents and eating cake.

Now I’m not a person who goes by boys and girls toys and age things mine get what appeals.  However if this isn’t the a present haul that screams 10 year old boy (obviously with a geekish rather than sporty leaning) I’m not sure what is.


20151114_6 20151114_5Did I mention that there was cake?

13-2-15 007

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