Flowing, Fizzing and France

Can tell I’m feeling more myself when the alliterative blog titles are back.

Weds was a rare day in (although one with deliveries and boiler servicing to work around) and a day for hands on learning.  We sped through Maths and Languages to get on to project work.

In science we were looking at lava flows.  We started by looking at viscosity by pouring a tablespoon each of various liquids onto paper and watching the flow and comparing the area they spread over.

20151111_41Contrast could be very clearly seen between water and treacle.  We talked about what type of volcano each would form.  Oh and discovered that you can write with treacle 🙂

20151111_44 20151111_45

Sam made minibooks about different types of volcano and one to show how a caldera is formed.


It doesn’t matter how often we do this activity we can’t do volcanoes and not model the formation of a stratovolcano.  Start with a cone of playdough with a chamber and crater.  Set off a vinegar and baking soda explosion and cover the the tracks where the ‘lava’ runs with more playdough and repeat.  Great fun 🙂

20151111_49 20151111_53 20151111_56 20151111_58

We finished up with modelling volcano plugs with cakes and chocolate.  Making a hole in the middle of a fairy cake and filling it with melted chocolate, then ‘eroding’ the cake (soft rock) when the plug had hardened.

20151111_46 20151111_73

We’re at the perking up our Europe project stage by starting to try and look at a country a week.  This week is France.  We started with a lunch of French onion soup (no one will eat it besides me so while I love home made it just wasn’t worth the time this was a horrible packet mix to get Sam to taste it), baguette and brie.


Then we spend a ridiculous amount of time, effort and thought on constructing a model of the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti and marshmallows.



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