Half term, House Stuff and Halloween

I really don’t know where half-term went.  I seem to have blinked and missed it :/  I vaguely recall watching Dr Who with Jack at one point – otherwise he’s been away on camp or out with friends for much of it (or they’ve been here en mass).

There was some ‘work’.  Finishing off of stuff from our lazy few weeks before half-term.  Caught up with all the multiplication games on Mathletics and spent some time playing Timez Attack for fun.  He wasn’t hard to convince to do our last pencilled in Science activity for the half term as it was demonstrating plate movements and boundaries using ryvita on oobleck.  Have to love oobleck!


The other big finishing up job was our Van Gogh unit which finished with Self Portrait at the Easel.

He painted his own version with oil paint.20151029_120151030_3The rest of the week seems to have vanished in work on the house.  The boys had new windows and we have had both doors replaced.  Means we took the opportunity for a sort out and  lots of flat pack furniture building.  Still have to decorate!

There was time for library and Lego.  Old interest reignited.


Plus it’s been Halloween!

We’ve made fancy food.


20151028_2 20151028_3

Had a lovely party with friends mid week.

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He is still stained from that fake blood 5 days later!

Decorated pumpkins and made soup.20151101_7Had fun with more decorating.  Didn’t get many photos as the living room was taken over by teenagers watching films.  Jack too old to trick or treat which makes me feel old!

20151101_9 20151101_11

Sam not too old to trick or treat though 🙂  Love the local atmosphere.


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