Madness and Mayhem

I may have taken on too much the last couple of weeks.  Doing a decent impression of a headless chicken while life rattles on at a very quick pace around me.  Add into the mix that Sam appears to be on another planet and life is interesting.  No idea what has got into him but have concerns he’s becoming one of ‘those children’!  You all know the ones I mean, the ones you all giggle at on home ed trips while their parents cringe :/

Monday didn’t get off to the best start when I dropped a half built Lego model on my toe and got a surprisingly deep cut – but the panic of trying to repair the model was worse!  It picked up though.  We rattled through the morning’s core work and finished off a section of the Europe workbook we’re working through as part of our Geography project.  Then it was time to head to the Dockyard for laser quest.  Still the highlight of Sam’s month.


Nice numbers this time after last month’s spike.  Laser quest is my favourite activity to organise.  Dockyard are so easy to deal with, we’ve a decent core group and always a few extras so last month when we hit maximum was my only concern on numbers, he loves it and I enjoy having time to chat to other home eders in a way many activities don’t give you.

Back home and there was lots of snuggly reading time.  A friend at laser quest had kindly given us two Usborne versions of classic stories.  By bed time he’d read Frankenstein and was a good half way through Moby Dick.  We’ve since gone on to add the Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde versions of the series on to the kindle, definitely loving the gothic horror at the moment.

Tuesday saw us back in Southampton for the second time in 8 days.  A lift from a friend meant that we were able to get the days Maths and English done first though.  The purpose of the visit was a workshop at the Apple store.  It was one of those things that pop up in your inbox and you just think – ooh yes.  The idea was they were using ipads to create advertising posters.  It wasn’t hugely educational, but don’t think any of the kids had used the programme before and they all stayed on task for the full hour and a half session even though it was on the shop floor so plenty of distractions.

20151118_2 20151118_3 20151118_4

They all were given a tshirt and a usb wristband.  10 out of 11 managed an advertising poster (although Ronnie’s was a photo of Sam with text along the lines of – ‘iPad, so simple even Sam can use them’ – did make me laugh).  Sam made a wanted posted instead :/


Poor Grace.  She was only his target because she’d pose for a photo.  Ronnie wasn’t playing ball. The accusing finger amused me.

After the workshop we stayed in Southampton and had lunch in our favourite ‘Chocolate Cafe‘ (it’s a good job we only make it to Southampton about twice a year).


Then went to Toys R Us to spend birthday money.  Luckily we’d had a reccy last week so he knew what he wanted and it wasn’t too horrible an experience.

20151118_11 After nearly 2 hours on the bus on the way home thanks to traffic.  Cubs wasn’t on the agenda.  Instead it was an evening of new Lego and Hexbugs.20151118_12 20151118_15

Think I may have to split this post into two and stop there so I can get on with the day.

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