O Christmas Tree

Two weeks ago I received an email asking for groups to decorate a Christmas Tree at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.  What a lovely idea I think and email to say ‘yes please’ on behalf of our local HE groups.  Then reality hit and I realised that we had about 10 days to coordinate something!

In the end we gave up normal routine last week in order to go out stick collecting for crafts, attend the adventure playground meet to run a craft session (or just play outdoors in Sam’s case) and make some decorations at home.  Not to mention the need to varnish and thread up all the decorations.  It was worth it though, lots of the group contributed either joining in at the playground or dropping around donations and we decorated 2 trees.

20151126_56 20151126_57

It was quite a bit of work but has helped shake me out of the doldrums.  I’ve recovered my confidence in myself and found my crafting mojo for work.  The big chill is helping perk up my mood too.  My sort of morning 🙂

IMG-20151123-02342 IMG-20151123-02345

While Sam was left to his own devices there has been lots of weather and maths related conversations.  We made ourselves popular at the bus stop by working out every few minutes what fraction of an hour the bus was late by ;).  Lots of reading, Scratch, a documentary on highway men and a couple of films.  We had Jack off sick one day so there was a bit of brotherly bonding on the Xbox.

Photo of Portsmouth Harbour to end, not a bad view 🙂



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