Time and Space

Yesterday’s walk to Cubs was longer than usual as they were visiting the parish church.  We spent most of the walk discussing the merits and the ethical issues of being able to fast forward time (it is Sam’s birthday at the weekend and it is too slow in coming!)  While I acknowledge that at times it would be appealing – Sam’s missed bus argument was persuasive – I was not convinced.  Often days where we are ‘making the best of things’ turn out to be good days.  Last week the internet, tv and phone all went down, we made a snap decision to go out for a meal.  Yesterday was exactly one of those ‘skip if you could’ days on paper but turned out to be a lovely day.

Monday was a good day too in a different way.  We were booked into a film about the international space station as part of the Into film festival.  Only one we’ve booked as tbh I don’t like doing the cinema in the mornings (and Sam doesn’t like it at all really), the cost of travel is usually more than the DVD and some are on Amazon Video.  However, the space thing looked something different as there was a Q&A after with someone from the UK Space agency.  These things are always a bit of a wildcard as to whether they capture Sam’s imagination – this one did.  He now wants to be an astronaut if he can’t be a rich entrepreneur who tells people they’re fired.

Took a photo in there on my phone.   Came out as a rather atmospheric pixelated arty picture.  Appalling photo but I quite like it.


Now the bus diverts via Fareham it takes us nearly as long to get to Southampton as it does to get to London (we cheated on the way there and went to work with Pete and jumped on the bus near there missing out a good 45 mins of the bus – was an early start though!)  So decided we should do something else while there.  Had a google in the morning and chanced upon a new exhibition at SeaCity with images of space.  Highly recommend it, very pleasant way to spend an hour.


Tuesday started with a trip to the nurse, booked early so Sam could go to cafe for breakfast with Pete.  To salvage the early start/out of routine we made the most of being out and spent a lovely half hour or so on a very windy beach.

20151111_6 20151111_25 20151111_17 20151111_15 20151111_11

Back home we warmed up with hot drinks and spent a very productive rest of the morning working on pen and paper and computer and app style learning.  The bread and butter basics.

Afternoon was spent on Scratch and then on a new Lego – took about 1 1/2 hrs to build.  Love that he’s got back into it again.

20151111_2620151111_3120151111_32Evening and it was Cubs at the church with a tour and apparently they made churches from cocktail sticks and jelly babies.

Really enjoying the slower pace of life at the moment.  Sam’s reading, lots of murderous maths and playing with the concepts, Horrible Science and more coding books.  He wants to talk to us about what he’s reading too which is interesting (and slightly mind blowing).  Also strangely he’s go into folk tales.  Lots of coding, Lego and Minecraft is resurfacing as an interest  Feel like we’ve got some much needed time and space to relax and explore.


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