Another fizzled out week

I always have this idea in my head of a nice Christmassy themed week or two in the run up to Christmas; baking, crafting, film watching etc.  Don’t know where I get the image from as I can’t tell you when it last happened.

We were still finishing off bits of work having taken a random week off at the start of the month.  I was full of cold and rather lacking in motivation.  Sam was showing the manicness of someone who had had too much screen time.  I struggled to engage him in most things and he was lacking concentration to do anything on his own either.    One of those weeks to put behind you.

What we did manage was to finish the terms plan for maths and English on schedule.  We also finished off the workbook side of Europe project.

We painted the replastered wall in the living room.  Well gave it a base coat any way.  Then treated ourselves to lunch out to avoid sitting with the fumes.

Sam had his Cub Christmas party at a local soft play centre.

We baked mincemeat crumbles and a giant (spread a bit much) rocky road cookie.

20151215_14 20151215_17 20151215_25We had a trip to a local garden centre to see the reindeers and reptiles.

20151215_19 20151215_23 We put up the decorations.20151215_32 20151215_36We went into town so Sam could do his Christmas shopping.  He’s now of the age to wander off to shops on his own which means I get a surprise gift 🙂

There was an afternoon of board games with Grandad.

Bread baking for a DIY patch

baking bread Then some tidying up and hiding upstairs as the house filled with teenagers who broke up from school.

Written down it doesn’t sound a bad week so I’ll focus on the positives and ignore the frustrations.

20151218_5 20151219_1


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