Christmas at the Castle

Friday, we escaped the paint fumes for a morning at Southsea Castle where they had a Christmas festival on.  To be honest there was not a huge amount there so I can well believe they had lots of complaints.  That aside we had a very pleasant relaxed day with friends.

We had our moneys worth from the astro slide alone which is good as there were only 2 or 3 free activities.   With no queues the boys just went up and down for a long time.  We’re talking at least 30 goes 🙂

Over lunch (somewhere warmer!) they swapped presents and discovered they’d bought each other the same thing 🙂  It was decided that their mothers must communicate 😉

20151211_15 20151211_31

20151211_17 20151211_22 20151211_26 20151211_29 20151211_16

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