Decorating and Coding

That was pretty much last week.  Sam coded, I decorated, we both tidied (a lot!).  Not a lot else happened tbh.  We managed bare minimum of maths and English and played with  plasticine made fold mountains for science at some point.

20151211_5 An asteroid for the DIY Astronomer patch.20151211_13

Coding was mostly of the Scratch variety.  He has been going back and improving old projects.  Here are his shared games.  I did sit down and do the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial with him.  He enjoyed it but it was very basic.

I hate decorating very much so it wasn’t the most enjoyable week ever.  Boys have tidy, clean bedrooms with lots of storage space for Christmas presents though.  Sam’s is a box room with no space/angle for a decent photo.

20151211_37 20151211_38

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