It’s that list time of year.  Everything feels like it’s galloping to some conclusion with Christmas on the horizon and the urgency that inspires on the work front (knowing that the rush carries on well into February).   There is a shift in home ed too with a more crafty/practical aspect creeping in, some regular groups finishing, lots of extra activities/people to see to slot in.  But there is the conflicting need to keep some routine and reach a ‘nice point’ at which to leave the ‘work’.  Home has all Christmas prep, not a lot but I do like a good clean through the house and there are cards to make and send etc.  No Guides this year to fit in but have reached the painting part of sorting out the boys room at last.

So lists!  Lists are the answer.

That is what you are going to get here too.  Lists!  Life has been full and busy.  Every day this week deserved a full post but I just haven’t the time so here goes.


Basic core work.  Started shapes in maths.

Helped with disposal of old bed and mattresses.  Quite a few skip runs.

Read the last walk in November from our Enid Blyton’s Nature Book.

Bowling.  None of his friends along but didn’t bother him and if anything he seemed to enjoy it more than any of the other sessions.


Scout carol concert

Setting up advent calendars

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Basic core work.  Enjoying shapes.

Bit of Geography workbook looking at physical landforms of Europe

Sciencey sort of day.  Watched a documentary on the San Andreas fault.  Read the How the Earth Works book and our Geography encyclopaedia.  Looked at the earthquake map in What’s Where in the World (brilliant book) and compared the earthquakes to the Richter scale.  Looked at waves by dropping food colouring into water and rippling a length of rope.  Built structures from marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  Stuck them in trays of jelly and shook them to see if they would stand up.

Looked at the story of John the Baptist and compared different baptisms.


Cub trip to the aquarium.

Home to hot choc and lebkuchen (for German theme)

20151201_1 20151201_7 20151201_9 20151201_16 20151201_18


We potato stamped Christmas cards
Handwriting (from book)
Dictation (one sentence)
Grammar (follow lesson from a book but the work is done verbally)
Maths – was worksheets and some computer
A Walk to post presents.  Sam stayed at the park while I went to PO.
Free time spent reading
Art, shading with pastels an apple
RE lesson plan suggested writing a letter to show he’d picked up bits of info, we did it as a chat show interview verbally instead. I hadn’t planned this just thought we’d done enough written stuff.
For humanities project we’re looking at Europe so we baked Stollen and some other German Christmas biscuits as we’re doing Germany this week.
Played computer, wrote cards, watched Harry Potter.

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Maths and English including creative writing.  Something he thinks he doesn’t enjoy but is getting better at and most of the time does end up enjoying if presented right.

Walk/scoot to village for sweets for gingerbread house.  Back via beach and library.

Afternoon of reading library books and playing games with Grandad while I worked (but did join in a game of hare and tortoise).

Evening reading by the fire (although too warm for fire really), the bookbasket is full and he’s into Christmas books and Barefoot anthologies.

Bedtime reading continued the German theme with books telling the stories of advent calendars and the carol Silent Night and some of the Brothers Grimm.

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