Party time

It was a weekend bookended by parties.  Teenagers, from which I was banished upstairs, on Friday.  Then some home ed friends on Monday.

There was a big group party that day but it was just too tricky to face on public transport.  At Halloween we’d been invited to a local friend’s with a couple of mutual friends and we all decided that we should do Christmas too.  After a lot of discussion about whether we should throw it open and have a bigger party, we gave up on finding a venue (very hard locally unfortunately) and ended up the 4 families at mine.  I shouldn’t but I always feel guilty about not inviting people, I’ve spent too long in the home ed scene feeling on the fringes that I overly worry about doing that to others.  That said my house is small and 8 kids and 5 adults was just about right.

We did have a lovely time.  To be honest it is the adults who are friends more than the kids I think and make a good team for this sort of thing.  Although the kids all get on well and are a nice balance too.

They started by decorating pots for goodies.  I had a plan for Santa style pots but ended up just throwing them some stickers.  Sometimes easy option is definitely the way to go!


One of the other parents had made a really lovely game with a quiz and little handmade personalised stockings.
20151221_180209 20151221_181535

Next game was blocks of ice with counters frozen in.  They melted the ice with warm water and pippets and swapped the counters for plastic tat prizes.20151221_182925 20151221_182933 Stick the nose on the reindeer.20151221_184519

I’d made play dough from cornflour and shaving foam (highly recommend it, I had fun mixing it – will do with the kids mixing another time).  They had buttons and sticks to make snowmen.20151221_192635 20151221_192819 Food time.20151221_193518 Making and decorating human Christmas trees.
20151221_194318 20151221_195034 20151221_195331 A fun evening.  Even if I did spend a lot of time (for the second time in 4 days) hoovering up Pringle crumbs after.  20151221_200324

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