Salisbury Christmas Market

Oops a week seems to have vanished!
Last Friday as part of our ‘German’ theme we took a trip to Salisbury to visit the Christmas market.  The sun came out for us and it was a lovely day.  Had never been to Salisbury, only through it, but instantly liked the place and I think a trip back to the museums is definitely in order at some point.

The train ride featured appropriate reading and a Christmas activity book.

A leisurely stroll through town.

20151204_121031 20151204_105628

We visited the Cathedral which is stunning.  I don’t like taking photos inside so didn’t get one of the font but Sam was very taken with it.

20151206_820151204_12102420151204_120533 We went to the exhibition to see the Magna Carta (sort of thing that makes me a bit shaky with excitement being a bit geeky).

Sam as an elf!  Actually it’s a liberty cap.  He did point out the irony of US being called the ‘Land of the Free’!

20151206_15 Jigsaw of the ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ window.  Real thing is spectacular!
20151206_14Then on to the point of the visit.  Christmas market, bratwurst and a glass of mulled wine.  Love home ed.


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