We couldn’t do the Romans and not take a trip to Caerleon, it is a great place and an easy drive (unless you get lost and trapped in Newport!) from my Father in Law’s.

Unfortunately it was bucketing down so we didn’t get to walk the walls or play in the amphitheatre.  Last time we went it was freezing, we will have to go one day it nice weather but unfortunately when you are only away for a few days you have to take what you get.  Although looking at the date, of last post perhaps not visiting at end of Jan would help (and how diddy and cute was Sam 😉 ).  It was also definitely better to visit on a weekend as school groups really got in the way and meant the play bit of the Legionary Museum was not accessible.

I bribed Sam into doing the worksheet in the Legionary museum to drag it out a bit.  Displays were quite interesting, particularly comparing the different ranks of soldier.

20160128_18 Legionary20160128_17 Standard bearer20160128_19 Centurion20160128_27 My favourite thing was these ivory carvings.20160128_25 Sam’s surprise, surprise was the coffin20160128_26 20160128_29 Museum was underwhelming but the toilet was impressive (first time I’ve ever tried to get a photo in a toilet and did feel daft).

After the Legion museum we visited the bath house.  Where there was another school group but they quickly left so we had a more leisurely look about.

20160128_32 Some of the kit, such as folding pans and  knifes and spoons that looked swiss army knife like, really had a modern feel.20160128_33 20160128_34 20160128_38 Selfie with Caesar 🙂20160128_40 We both got all the questions right but he won :S  So next game we played in Welsh – advantage me 😉20160128_42

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