Christmas 2015

Another quiet Christmas.  Big bonus of this year is, apart from minor sniffles, for the first time since Jack started school no one was ill.  Build up was slow.

Sam playing with Christmas themed Lego.

Christmas Eve is possibly my favourite day over Christmas.  The boys and I always do the local panto and then have lunch (tweak to tradition this year we moved up a grade from Burger King to Nandos 😉 ) and a potter around the shops while Pete finishes off the housework.  Home for a treasure hunt, new pjs/dressing gown. annual, mug and chocolate.
Christmas day was a relaxed, present opening sort of day.  We don’t do a big lunch, a treat lunch but nothing that takes prep or washing up.

20151228_120151228_620151228_5What has followed are days of Lego building and reading.20151228_1220151230_520151228_13

For me it was reading, sewing and finishing off some Futurelearn courses I’d put on the back burner.

For Jack it’s been a time of Fifa 16, ‘feet of flames’ (I bought him surprise footie boots and I picked well it seems) and hanging out with friends.


Boxing day was time to get outdoors.  A bit of a kick about and a walk along the sea front.20151226_100632 20151226_102241 My Father in Law came for a few days in the post Christmas period so we took a trip to Titchfield Haven for a lovely, windswept walk.

20151228_31 20151228_30 20151228_28

Oh and we may have had a special day out on New Years Eve ;).  That one deserves a post of it’s own.


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