Clearing the head

If Monday was a cosy, family, at home, recovering strength after weekend’s illness sort of day.  Tuesday was the opposite; it was a get out and embrace life, feel the winter sun, have fun with friends, clear the muzzy head sort of day.

Morning was spent on Maths, English, Spanish, Latin and RE.

RE isn’t something that interests Sam particularly so I doubt it is something that would ever come up freely except in a reaction to news sort of way which isn’t always the best starting point.  But this is where my ‘you can’t make them learn’ and ‘I really want them to know’ opinions clash.  The compromise is to add reading about religions to our weekly reading list.  I find that he will happily listen and ask questions and form opinions this way.  What I want him to take from it is not specific information, more a level of awareness that will hopefully promote tolerance.  We have been using units from Planbee alongside as I think I doubted my knowledge but I think they’re more a hindrance (pointless worksheets) and we’ll just stick to reading and talking things over.

Afternoon was spent going for a walk in the woods with friends.  Icy puddles were a huge hit.

Asthma wheezes kicked in during the evening though and made a very last minute call not to go to Cubs.  He was snuggled in my bed rattling away when I got up this morning so a quietish keep an eye on him day in store.  We’ve a few Amazon parcels to explore.

P.S.  This is the 600th published post on this blog!  Crikey!  That’s a lot of self indulgent rambling 😉

This is often what ‘school’ looks like 🙂

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