Harry Potter Studios

Jack and I went to the Harry Potter Studios not long after they first opened, about 4 years ago.  Sam wasn’t interested at the time so left him at home.  Too expensive and too special a trip to do with a child not really into it.  Well now he is!

The idea of taking him has been on my mind for a year or so but back in Sep a friend organised a group trip.  We were going to go but one look at Jack’s face said this was a family not home ed trip :).  I wanted to go the weekend of Sam’s birthday as a birthday treat but got shouted down by the kids in favour of taking a coach trip.  The coach trip just happened to be New Year’s Eve.  I shuddered at the prospect but actually it wasn’t busy at all and the roads were very quiet.

There was just enough different to make it as magical as before.  Everything was done out for Christmas and the Hogwarts model (by far my favourite thing) was covered in snow.  The Hogwarts Express was a new edition too.

Lots of photos below!


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Fabulous way to end the year.

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