Is it Art?

We had a trip to London on Weds.  The focus was an exhibition on Celts: Art and Identity.  I wasn’t able to take photos in there so you’ll have to settle for the programme and Sam’s entry into his Book of Centuries.   It was a fantastic exhibition, the intricate nature of some of the metalwork is breathtaking.


20160108_1We were accompanied by some friends and the children managed a very respectable level of concentration.  We decided not to push our luck and try for more of the British Museum, instead we took a long walk through the city down to the Tate Modern.

I’ve said before that the best thing about the Tate are the views back across the river to the city and the turbine hall.  I love the architecture and Sam loves to play there.
I haven’t changed my mind!  I just don’t get most of the exhibits, many look like randomly abandoned bits or children’s scribble, and then you get stuff like this…

SAM_2122It is supposed to represent exactly what it looks like apparently!  How is that art?

I’m not totally against modern art.  Sam and I are looking at Surrealism this half term and while not something I would put on my wall, I can see the artistic merit.

This week’s focus was on dreams.  We looked at Paul Nash’s Landscape from a Dream  and I gave Sam the task of a piece of artwork based on one of his own dreams using any medium he liked.  He chose sketchwork and coloured pencils,


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