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We’ve been spending time in local museums this week.  We have quite a few in this area and we love them.  They are comforting and cosy places to hang out on a wet January day.

I needed to go into Fareham on Friday to ask about hiring a room for an activity so we took the opportunity for an hour at the town museum.  We nipped into the temporary exhibition but it didn’t interest us at all, we had most fun counting how many of the activities on offer to entertain children had my input – quite a few, 10 out of 12 came from Activity Village.  We decided that would be too much like a busman’s holiday so went upstairs to the local displays.  We pottered around looking at the familiar displays.

Had a few games of the giant board game.

20160123_1 Spotted places we recognised on the model of the town in the 1900’s.20160123_4 Had an interesting chat about changes in costs and time to travel Gosport to Fareham over time.  It would have taken less time to drive in 1910 when the speed limit was 20 miles an hour and the bus fare has more than doubled since they put this display up 10 years ago!20160123_6 He’s not too old for train sets apparently 🙂  I never suggested he was I must add.20160123_9 Saturday and we had tickets for a talk at the Arts Centre in Havant.  Have mixed feelings on Havant, town centre is horrible but the Arts Centre is lovely and there are some interesting buildings on the walk.  One day we’ll do the heritage trail.  Plus of course there is Hobbycraft 😉

We went early and spent a while in the park.  20160123_10Then some time (and not ‘that’ much money really) in Hobbycraft and the pet shop next door.  We went over to the arts centre early so we could explore the museum areas and have tea and cake in the lovely cafe there.

20160123_14 20160123_19 20160123_1520160123_17 Roman stuff20160123_20 20160123_22 Exploring natural materials under the microscope – hand mainly!20160123_28 The talk we were attending was by one of the writers/historical consultants on the Horrible Histories TV show.  Was definitely worth the trip.20160123_31 Happy Sam.20160123_33 Sam trying, unsuccessfully, to master a Paddington Bear hard stare.

20160123_34 20160123_35 20160123_36

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