Windy wet Wales

We had a windy and wet trip back to Wales to stay with my Father in Law last week.  Despite the weather we did manage a few trips out but we also had some time to relax a bit away from the distractions of home.

A trip to the park.
20160128_9 Lego building.20160128_10 Chess, including lessons in forcing checkmates with rooks (not from me!)20160128_16 Sword play after we added to our rather large already armoury.20160128_45 Most children cuddle soft toys mine sits there cradling a wooden sword 🙂
20160128_44 Lots of reading.  I got talked into this on our travels and we spent most evenings staying up later than I wanted as we were enjoying The Eagle of the Ninth.20160128_47 One reason why the NHS is in trouble!  He found some crutches lying about and spent a lot of time practising on them.20160128_48 There was a trip to the Lego shop in Cardiff for some pick and mix Lego figures.  20160128_153 Plus lots of time working through the games cupboard.20160128_155 20160128_156

I spent my time working on newspaper puzzles and getting stuck in to a new sewing project.  Which I left the instructions for at home and have used the wrong number of threads for.  Oh well it looks okay as is.

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