Always Look on the Bright Side

I’ve been trying to book a venue for a coffee afternoon for our local home ed group.  Found somewhere very suitable and booked it in.  However trying to get answers to basic questions such as; are there cups, key arrangements etc was proving difficult.  Lovely lady but not chatty on phone and didn’t answer emails.  In the end decided it was best to nip in, ask questions in person and check out the hall.   Only time I could go was Thurs morning.

On one hand it was a faff I could really have done without.  As mentioned we’re considerably behind on my plans in some subjects and it was our first chance this week for a productive burst.  Without a car it is difficult to just nip anywhere!

However I’m in a positive frame of mind.  The only person who says we’re behind is me!  They’re my plans so I just need to rewrite them and pow not behind any more 🙂  In the medium term spending an hour or so getting things sorted now was worth it rather than having doubt and unknowns, less work overall.  The sun was shining and the hall is not far from park and beach so we took the morning out for a walk, play and ice cream; made a virtue from a necessity.

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In case you were wondering.  The people in the hall are lovely, the hall is perfect, I got the answers I wanted and can picture how it will work (not just for coffee but for another plan)

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