National Museum of Wales

Last Weds we visited the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.  Not our first trip and probably not our last as it’s generally a pleasant place to kill some time in the city.  I far prefer their natural sciences exhibition on the formation of the Earth to the geology galleries at the NHM.  Only trouble was this trip was spoilt by school groups.  One in particular had one teacher trying to manage far too big a group of, I would guess, yr 7s.  Pushing rowdy kids and a yelling teacher are not relaxing companions in museums.

The permanent exhibition was not our main focus though fortunately so the trip wasn’t a complete wash out.  The museum is hosting a temporary exhibition on William Smith’s geology maps.  Exhibition was not very child friendly which meant no school groups and we spent a peaceful half hour reading the boards (I knew name and had sense of significance of the maps but that was all).  Portable stool helped maintain Sam’s interest 🙂
20160128_51 Fossils displayed on a slant to show their position in the strata20160128_52 Arranging the rock strata in order.
20160128_53Didn’t really take many photos in the main geology gallery – too many other children milling about.  So here’s just a taste.  There are lots of fossils.20160128_59 Including a very scary, huge fish head20160128_70 Sam inside a model volcano.20160128_63 Welsh gold.20160128_65 Fabulous piece of amber.20160128_74 Woolly mammoths


Not the most hands on museum you will come across but we like it (when there are no schools in there).

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