Once More Unto the Breach

Half term passed by in a bit of a whirlwind.  Mostly the boys entertained themselves and I tried to catch up and get on.

Work is really busy and will remain so for a good while but it is mostly behind the scenes stuff that is taking the real time and effort.  For a supposedly creative job I have been spending a lot of time on spreadsheets.  Definitely a daunting task ahead!  But I am so lucky to love my job.  My biggest issue is finding enough time to do all the work I want to.

The other big job going on is a huge burst of organising on the home ed group front.  In recent years the local home ed scene has centred on the group run tutorial centre and Portsmouth.  Neither of which really work for us.  The groups both side of the harbour have grown huge and definitely enough people to sustain more activities.  So I’ve been busy emailing, visiting places and planning.

We held an open coffee afternoon for the group which cost me two days of the week in prepping.  Worth it though as met some nice ‘newbies’.

The hall we held it in is brilliant and has been booked for a monthly festival themed craft/activity session.  A smaller hall has been booked for a monthly group for younger children that I’m planning to run as a volunteer.  A different hall for a monthly group for the ‘tween’ age.  Space also reserved for a fortnightly open access time in a local library when people can show up and work/chat.

The biggest event of half term was a family meal out to celebrate mine and Pete’s birthdays/anniversary which were this Monday but Jack would be at school.  We went Turkish as something new for us all and really enjoyed it.

My birthday set me wondering what my 17 yo self would have made of my life. Well even then if asked what I wanted to be the honest answer was a mother.  The other answer in the ‘suppose I’d better have a career’ way was a teacher.  Because that fitted around family and I love engaging with kids.  I think I can be very, very satisfied with the way life has gone.

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