I keep mentioning Scratch so thought I’d share some of Sam’s projects.  Some are projects suggested in books we have (but usually tweaked to add his own touches), others are done under his own steam.  All he says need improvement.  He’s his own worst critic.
I don’t know whether he’ll keep up with the whole coding thing but right now he’s loving it, absorbing loads and it’s fired his creative side (which I hadn’t thought existed 😉 ) and his interest in maths so what is not to love.
He showed me a few projects he’s working on, but we haven’t shared here, which have really impressed me.  He’s remixing a game of someone else’s and drawing so much on things he’s learned just by experimenting.  Then there is a game he loves online and I don’t like him playing (the game is great but you play with others, who will use swear words for names – not a children’s game) and he’s working on recreating it himself in Scratch.

Move the cat around with arrow keys to pick up ice cream (have to hover for a few seconds).  Getting hit by the balls drains strength.  Stay alive as long as possible.

An art project really.

Use the arrows to get through the maze.

Move the cat by dragging your mouse around, avoid the ghosts and lightning.

Use your arrow keys to move and press space to throw the bananas at the bats.

Move your mouse around to move and try to stay alive for as long as possible avoiding the dragon.

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