St Paul’s Cathedral

Have I ever mentioned I love home ed?  One of the major selling points is the trips and opportunities on offer, at prices we couldn’t afford full price and at times when places are quieter.  If you are prepared to do a bit of organising or find a friend that is ;).

Some of these trips (such as this one) I suspect appeal far more to the adults but we hope they build memories and experiences for the children.  We did get a small demonstration of this on Monday, when shown the organ at St Paul’s the children were able to relate it to a workshop about 18 months ago in a local church where they’d been allowed to play the organ and see the pipes.  Plus the talk of Nelson when we went to see his tomb is obviously something very familiar to them.

St Paul’s was amazing; really, really amazing! We had a tour, looked at some of the tombs (Wren, Nelson, Wellington), marvelled at the ceilings, heard how it was built, which bits were damaged and rebuilt etc.  Then we climbed the 500+ steps to the three galleries.  The Whispering Gallery where you could hear the voice of someone speaking into the wall reverberate to the other side of the gallery was I suspect one of the kid’s highpoints.  The views from the external galleries were the best bit to me though.

The only photo we were allowed to take inside was the children in the choir seats.


So lots of outside!
20160222_142129 SAM_2155 SAM_2157 SAM_2159 SAM_2160 SAM_2163 SAM_2164 SAM_216720160222_151248Plans for the morning went a bit pear-shaped as they have a habit of doing.  Meant rather than travelling as a group we ended up all making our own way.  Actually as much as we enjoyed the time with friends, it was lovely to have a chilled morning.  Seems ages since we’ve been up just us.  Entertained ourselves on the train with the puzzles in the newspaper, spent some time playing in puddles and had a leisurely early lunch while we dried out a bit.

20160222_110734With time to waste we popped in to the Tate Modern.  Not my cup of tea but Sam is getting surprisingly good at interpreting modern art.  Was hoping to catch the popart exhibition as seeing how much he enjoyed doing surrealism last term I thought the more modern playful stuff is the way to go and had picked popart for this term but exhibition closed last week.  We did, however, find a gallery with works by artists we recognised.

Mondrian’s20160222_115945 Picasso20160222_120156 Dali20160222_120216Plus plenty of ‘what on earth is that?’ stuff.  Sam could recognise a human body in this :/20160222_115734Quite liked this one.
20160222_121046 This one is just someone trying to wash the wall after a child has been scribbling really.  I have a patch like this under my stairs to show how often I decorate.20160222_121249

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