Surrealism and Socialising

I’d hoped to have finished our ‘blocks’ in maths and English last week so this week could be a leisurely finishing off projects week.  Things though never, ever go as planned and we needed the time off far more last week when we were ill.  Means we’ve had bits of maths and English to finish off this week and we’re a lot further behind in projects than I would have hoped.  Easily sorted though – Romans we’ll spend a bit of time consolidating and talking about today and tomorrow and then let go, Science will rework plan over half term.

So Monday and Tuesday were spent tying up loose ends before rushing off to catch up with friends.

Monday there was time for a bit of maths, English, Latin (finished book so must buy next one) and Spanish before we went into Gosport to have a chat with the library staff about using rooms/space there for HE activities.  We had a Subway that I’d promised him last week just before he was sick!  Then it was a very bobby ferry ride to Portsmouth for home ed laser quest session and a bit of time in Action Stations.  Pete is away a lot this week so it was a tea and TV evening with the boys.  They’ve got a taste for the animated films they enjoyed when they were really small so we watched one of the Ice Age films.

Tuesday, we had longer at home before needing to go out so we finished off the half terms English and Maths and did some Spanish.  We also finished off the half term’s art project on Surrealism.

Turn of ‘automatism’ and inspired by Joan Miro’s ‘The Great Carnivore’  we drew squiggles with black pen and then ‘turned them in to stuff’.

20160209_2 Fish and net by Sam20160209_4

Face by meSAM_2149

We also made a video of Sam ‘defining surrealism’ and submitted his projects to for the Surrealism skill.

There was some time to browse the post.  On first impressions this book seems really good.  I’ll update as/if we ever use it.

20160209_3  Tues afternoon was spent back in Action Stations we were there early enough for a play.

20160209_134802 Then it was a friend’s birthday party.  Laser quest again before heading over to a soft play centre for a few hours and tea.  A brilliant afternoon, thank you Kate and Mike.20160209_150448

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