A week late as been knocked out by vicious bug.

We’ve done quite a few ‘science places’ now.
Science museum in London is just too big and overwhelming or was last time we went which was quite a few ago.  Did not end up in the slightest bit educational or enjoyable.  Might be worth a trip back with a specific gallery/focus in mind, aim for an hour and a half max and out.
Thinktank in Birmingham had the same issue a bit (and we went in half term!) but the outdoor area was worth the trip alone and if we lived within an hour’s travel it would be one of our most frequent places to visit.  As it is definitely hope to go back (not in school holiday time).
Locally we have a centre in Winchester  which we have only been to once as it was so hideously dire that I can’t face it again.  Of course I suspect there have been improvements since then but first impressions were so poor that it would have to be an event we really fancied to make it tempt me.
The trouble is it comes up so short next to Techniquest which is easy trip from my Father in Law’s house down on Cardiff Bay and I know I’ve raved about it before but it is really, really good!  Clean, airy, clear simple explanations, well maintained (it’s been open years now and only ever one or two exhibits not working whenever we visit) and really pleasant staff and if you go at about 3 it empties very nicely.

Obviously I’ve forgotten what all these things are by now but here are lots of blurry pictures of Sam running about happily.

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