That periodic reminder…

… of why I love home ed.  Oh there are many reasons of course; the more tailored education, the friends, the fun.  But perhaps the most obvious practical benefit comes when they are ill; no ‘are they well enough’ dilemmas, no one else to answer to, no ‘missing stuff’.

The Friday after we got home from Wales was an inset day so we had Jack at home.  We had a very pleasant day until about 3 ish when he started to feel ill.  9 days later he is still really suffering with a chesty cough and no appetite.  He had 3 days off school as was running a fever and could hardly move.  But after 2 days we were feeling like we should take him to the doctors for a sick note and perhaps antibiotics for the chest.  Really what he needs is time 🙁

By Monday it was spreading to us all mildly but Sam worked as normal.  Although only not much more than the bare essentials.
Did do some art though.  Looking at the ‘juxtaposition of unrelated articles’ in surrealism.  Created a collage inspired by Sir Roland Penrose’s Le Grande Jour.  Forgotten the title there was some pun about watching and sun ripened tomatoes.

20160201_2He also made a picture on Scratch inspired by Marcel Marien’s Star Dancer

This is ‘baseball bat’ 🙂

baseball bat
We’ve had a laptop for well over a year, the idea being that the desktop is mostly mine for work.  Hasn’t worked like that as the boys installed something that had a virus in the first few months and it got clogged up with programmes and dumped on a shelf.  But more and more what Sam wants to do with screens requires the computer rather than tablet/X box and has been really interfering with my working time over the last three months.  Pete and I have both worked hard on it and laptop is working.
20160201_1 Tuesday Jack was still really ill, Sam and I were slipping further into it.  I was supposed to be doing the activity at the home ed group meet in Portsmouth but had to cancel.  We covered Sam’s basics and then he spent most of the time until Cubs on Scratch.  I worked, caught up on some admin and watched TV with Jack.  I did make a St Brigid’s cross for Imbolc though.


Weds was Sam’s best friend’s birthday.  With both boys being ill plans shifted from a sleepover to going for the day to in the end going to a gaming cafe for a few hours.  Pete stayed home with Jack.  Sam loved the gaming cafe so planning a home ed meet there.  Good job we’d scaled back plans though, by the time we got off the ferry on the way home Sam was sick and I was developing a dreadful head cold.

Thursday was an out of it day (I can’t sleep when I get a cold).  Bath, sofa (and a 4 1/2 hr Horrible Histories marathon) and curling up with a book in bed were the order of the day.  Jack was back at school though if exhausted by it.

Friday was a bit more productive as I did a bit of housework and sat with Sam while he worked on some Scratch projects.  I even had a go myself and drew a spiral.

We’re both on the mend, I hope.  Which we need as although home ed does give us the flexibility to be ill we will make commitments to be places and we’ve the laser quest (the unmissable event on the month’s schedule) , another birthday and a trip I’ve organised in the next few days.

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