We even did a worksheet!

Been a very busy few days here and not sure where to start.

Title is a bit flippant, we do use worksheets/books for a bit of English and some of Maths on a regular basis and have a Latin workbook.  We do as much hands on or verbally as possible though.  We try and give them a wide berth for anything else as the overwhelming majority seem to add so little to learning, they are for practice/fillers.

We’ve been revising word types in English.  Sam wanted to draw the kitten he described.


Creative writing was looking at a setting and describing characters that might feature in a story set there.


Maths has been volume and capacity.

Lots of playing with centicubes, displacing water and making boxes.




Science has been more fossils.  We did a quiz and talked about how fossils are found and recovered.  We made fold mountains from plasticine and talked showed the effect of the top eroding.

20160226_16 20160226_17

Then we got out the collection and talked about the fossils we have.  Sam did some observational drawings.


He compared the feel and look of chicken egg and bone to fossilised dinosaur egg and bone.20160226_20

We talked about Otzi the ice man (and had a bit of a stray into cryogenics).  Froze a cherry and shell in ice and saw the change (or not) in texture when ice melted.

Made cast fossils

20160226_46 20160226_47 20160226_50

and track fossils.


We started work on our water project for this half term by looking at the water cycle.  Read about it, labelled a worksheet and played a game from Twinkl.

20160226_31 Made a water cycle in a jar.  We didn’t actually see any ‘precipitation’ but we could see the water condense into bigger and bigger droplets and see how they would fall.

20160226_2820160226_27 Art theme this half term is ‘Pop Art’.  We started with Warhol.  Sam drew (pressing hard to get an indent)  a ‘celebrity’ onto a piece of polystyrene foam (pizza base!).  It is grumpy cat.  Not having a roller or sponge to hand and not realising that until we were past the point of no return we fudged it and rubbed paint over the foam with kitchen roll before printing.

20160226_39 20160226_41 20160226_3820160226_53

We also printed out 4 black and white mugshots and coloured them in, cut them out and mounted them.

20160226_36 20160226_52

We have also in the last 3 days; spent time outside, been to the library, baked, played games with Grandad, Sam went to the village on his own in the gallop to independence and had our first group study session at the town library.  Only a couple of tables reserved for people to gather to do their own stuff at but very well attended and tables proved insufficient really.  Went to the park afterwards but far too cold.

20160226_1 20160226_2 20160226_4 20160226_57There has also been reading, Horrible Histories, Minecraft and quite a bit of Scratch.  Here’s the two latest projects, both works in progress apparently.  He’s done the projects as asked by the book but now he can see things he wants to do to them.

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