Away (Finally!)

Lots of time out of the house, a take to bed level bug, urgent work stuff and a lot of HE group planning have left very little time and mental space for blogging.  Not a lot has happened when we’ve been in for the reasons noted above so here’s a very quick summary of life out and about in the last week and a bit.

We had a trial session of an activity group at a local hall.  I was too busy to get all but one blurry photo.  Was a nice afternoon though and will grow into a regular group.20160317_49

We visited the gaming cafe in Portsmouth, this time as a big HE group booking.  Definite hit!  Not enough space in the diary for a regular slot but will book again when I can.20160318_132739

A full day of HE activities on Tues, coding club followed by Adventure playground.  We did some water themed games for World Water Day; a relay race round the playground carrying a bucket on their heads full of balls (which took a long time to pick up afterwards) and then a demonstration to show how germs pass hand to hand.  I didn’t get a photo of the demonstration as was covered in vaseline and glitter and think I may have missed my own child in this one of him racing.  Sun was out a pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun.

20160322_131330We had an Easter party planned for Weds but with sickness and various other things in the way and a severe lack of planning we decided to write it off.  We’d hired the hall though so I posted on list to see if anyone fancied an impromptu Easter session and we managed a more the respectable with less than 24 hrs notice about 9 families.  Everyone mucked in.  There was colouring and drawing activities, Easter paper chains and egg painting.


Chocolate nests.


Plus an egg/sweet hunt of course.


I think our period of seclusion and avoiding group activities is over!

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