Chocolate, Cathedral and City Museum

Yesterday we went to a workshop at Portsmouth Cathedral on chocolate.  Not a home ed workshop being school holidays but via the power of the internet and sharing events I think we were one of 10 home ed families there and there were others in the workshops before and after.

The highlight was of course making a chocolate lolly but they all listened to a long (beyond my ability to stay interested) explanation on the history and stuff of chocolate.

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They ignored the rest of the activities on offer but did do the spotters guide to the cathedral.  I couldn’t interest them in this which is my point of interest in there.


After the workshop we picked up lunch and I walked over (very slowly – Old Portsmouth is great for avoiding cracks in the pavement games) to the City Museum with the boys.  We headed straight to the garden to have lunch and wait for friend and daughter, so missing the other families who’d come over oops!

Reminded how much I like the museum garden, we spent a pleasant hour sitting and playing in the sun.



We did eventually make it into the museum which is as dull and uninspired as I remember.  They did the Easter trial though and played on some of the old seaside attractions.

20160329_133614 20160329_133824

After our friends had gone, Sam and I paused to have a quick look at the Arthur Conan Doyle gallery and work on a mystery.

20160329_135917That museum really could and should be so much more.

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