Easter, Storm Katie and DIY

The early Easter and the growing up of the boys means that it pretty much passed us by this year.  There was chocolate, but not a lot and not eggs.  Sam and I had passed through the Lindt shop at Gunwharf the week before and picked up a bunny each, a paw and some truffles.  We don’t do eggs/presents from extended family really although my Dad dropped in one day and gave them some money.  No decorations, not even a bunch of flowers, just never got around to it and kids had no enthusiasm for it.

The days passed pleasantly enough; mix of lazy times watching tv with the boys, working on projects that can get put to one side in busy day to day existence (sewing, Future Learn courses) and working (and for Jack who I’d subcontracted a big task to).  No bank holidays when you work for yourself, usually they are a good opportunity to crack on with stuff.

We managed a blow the cobwebs (and everything else) away walk on Monday morning to see some of the devastation wreaked by Storm Katie.  We had no damage but there is a tree and cables down in the cul de sac (luckily not the tree Pete was parked under).

We even partook of the traditional Easter bank holiday DIY.  DIY.org that is, real DIY really not my thing.  Sam and I made some of the Minecraft papercraft kit he had for Christmas to enter for the Minecrafter skill.

20160328_161032 Sam spent a fair while researching other skills and projects and adding stuff to his to do list.  He then drew a ‘wirefame’ (I had no idea what one was) for an app.  In a display of joined up thinking it is one of his Scratch games adapted into app form.



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