We’re in yet another busy week.  I forgot to take an antihistamine today and am feeling groggy and ready for bed but I know if I don’t blog regularly I lose the small stuff.  Rather than divide things into days I thought I’d focus on what we’ve been up to when we’re in.

Position has remained the focus in maths and we’ve had some fun with maps, compass points and routes.  We’re still getting on so well using the worksheets that back up Mathletics, there is very little repetitive practice, the concepts are clearly explained and they are fun.  After a bit of a dip he’s found his enthusiasm for live Mathletics again and managed to spend about 40mins on there earlier.

Prepositions still the order of the day in grammar.  Still giving a surprising amount of fun.  We’ve been making up daft sentences from two nouns and a preposition and we spent a while using a set list of prepositions to describe position of things in Hokusai’s The Great Wave.  In one of those little tweaks I’ve opted to switch from 2 handwriting, 1 spelling and 1 vocab session each week to 2 spelling, 1 handwriting and 1 vocab.  His handwriting is actually really quite good now.  He doesn’t join up a lot but if I am honest I still print a lot.  His spelling isn’t bad either really, just has more pages left in the book 🙂  Spelling is more fun too.

We’ve talked about why we need water from a health perspective.

Made a poster

20160317_45 Set up an experiment to grow mould on bread.  We put a piece of bread in the bag touching as little as possible, one he handled a lot before bagging and then washed his hands and did the same to a third and finally rubbed one on the toilet seat.  Waiting to see which grows most mould quickest.


I had intended to do something on health risks of unclean water but forgot!  Might try tomorrow or leave to next week.

We did some baking.  Pig, chick and bunny biscuits for Sam, coffee cake for me.20160317_51

We’re looking a Pop Art still so read about Roy Lichtenstein.  Looked at some of his advertisement/product inspired art.  Sam drew a computer and outlined in sharpie.  To paint in dots he stamped from bubble wrap  for big areas and pencil rubber for small. 20160317_53 20160317_54

20160317_61 We went to the park.  Not technically home but in our ‘home day’ area.20160317_6020160317_56

Made a slow start with Python.  I think I need to read it and work with him though.  He has been researching costs of Raspberry Pis.  Music and appalling puns are the other big things at the moment.  He’s developed a taste for Green Day!

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