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Have a feeling the busy schedule is about to catch up with us.  Sam is very sniffly and wheezy and I’ve sneezes, sinus pain and a tight chest.  Hoping it is a cold rather than onset of pollen allergies.  For the second year running we don’t appear to have had any winter to speak off I don’t feel ready for summer by a long way!

We’ll have to see about impact on the week.  Sam is keen to go to Codeclub but more than happy to forsake the adventure playground after – it is something we both like the idea of from a distance but having been a couple of weeks ago we’re not that fussed to go back for a while.  Maybe we’ll be more in the mood as weather warms up.  We also have a HE trip planned and not organised by me so being ill is an option 😉  He’s keen to go though so think we’re pretty certain to make it.

Today has been a much needed quiet day at home.  We caught up with last week’s overdue maths and english and managed today’s too.  All very efficient the two days’s worth of work took about 1 1/2hrs.

We’ve started position in Maths so added a game of battleships to the morning’s lesson.


Finished off focus on water efficiency with some calculator work on dripping taps and a household water use audit.  We played ‘splash’ top trumps and made a sand bottle weight to add to the toilet cistern to help save water.


We also finished off our work on crystals by a lot of looking at calcite and amethyst and some household crystals (sugar and various salts).

20160307_10 20160307_12 20160307_14We read about crystals, chatted and made a birthstone wheel.  Sam made ‘gems’ by colouring rock salt and then when they’d dried out mixing them with glue and shaping into rocks.  About 30 seconds after this photo was taken I thought I’d better move the food colouring before it was spilt and yes, dropped it of course.  Make a habit of doing that!

20160307_16 20160307_1 20160307_15 20160307_17

Rest of the day went watching Horrible Histories, browsing and uploading projects to DIY.org, messing about on Scratch and sorting and testing old games/HE resources to have a bit of a clear out.  Oh and FutureLearn courses if you are me, have 4 on the go (5 next week) may have over stretched myself :/.


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