Teetering, Treats and Technology

The sniffles and wheezes I mentioned yesterday are tightening their grip.  I felt absolutely foul first thing this morning. However I tried a dose of anti histamine in case early allergies and picked up massively, dipped a bit as afternoon came on.  Thinking I probably have a mild cold, but mostly allergy based ‘bleughness’ for me.  Bit of a blow to get hayfever this early but am not ‘ill’ so life plods on.  Sam is crashing though, anti histamines not really helping him, think he probably is feeling the allergies but more to it with him.  He was close to tears on the walk back to town from Codeclub, not that he didn’t enjoy it but it exhausted him, the afternoon has been up and down emotionally and Cubs was not pushed.

He wants to go on tomorrow’s trip and despite it being a horrible journey there (can be in London quicker – when booked it I had planned to probably get a lift to work with Pete cutting out an hour of bus but with that typically great timing he’s off to Leeds for the day – he definitely has worst of it!)  I think Sam’ll enjoy it a lot if well enough making it worth the effort.  Keep fingers crossed for us!

We did manage an early start to catch the more reliable bus and did Maths, English, Latin and Spanish at the library before the Codeclub started.  He is awake!

20160308_094649 The afternoon was full of little treats that helped keep him going.  We’d picked up The Pheonix and the magazine about Minecraft coding in town.  Then when we missed the bus by minutes (they don’t work with the ferry!) we managed to find the book about the Internet in a charity shop and he’s loving that.  Neighbour met us at the door with a parcel with the ‘stikbots’.  These are bendable people, good for stop frame animation.  I bought him a set with a camera tripod.  I though (correctly) he’d enjoy playing with them anyway without filming.  As we’ve watched the first 5 Horrible Histories dvds lately it seemed a good time to complete the set.  Oh and I put the Oz stories on his Kindle.  So a chilled afternoon (well I worked but hey ho I am fortunate enough to actually like my job 🙂 )
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