Tick Tock

Today has been one of those days.  I cancelled all our usual plans to allow us to have a relaxing, respite day so we had some chance of getting Sam to Cubs (he’s been too drained the last two weeks).  Plus with a busy week I wanted some time to get some work done with Sam, some crafts done for work and tomorrow’s new home ed group planned.  Didn’t end up that relaxing or productive in the end.  I should have known when I received a phone call from a venue clarifying details of a trip while I was cooking breakfast!  Who phones at 8am? Apart from Kidzania obviously!  Time has been like sand through my fingers today and I just don’t seem to have got on top of stuff.

Never mind, group is pretty much sorted and we covered the basics and a bit of science.  I managed coffee with a friend who kindly dropped round to bring me a microwave.  For an unsociable, lacking in social skills grouch I do actually have an awful lot of very, very wonderful friends :).

We had a fun game in maths of coordinates 3 in a row.  2 dice one with numbers, one with letters A-F, each person a different colour pen.  Roll the two dice and put a cross on the point on the grid.  First with 3 in a row to win.

We also made a geological clock.  Probably learned more about the maths of turning a bar timeline that we measured in mm into degrees and a circle than about geology really.

20160315_3Then coloured one we found on the British Geological Survey website.  Combined effort, I would say so we had a good opportunity to talk about it (which we did) but really I just enjoy colouring far more than he does.20160315_1 Tied to the random ceiling hook we have.  Love my hook, no obvious purpose and in an odd (anything hanging off it a risk to head and face) place.  Good place to display carefully selected things though.
Pretty much filtered out then.  I did manage the crafts for tomorrow and just finished instruction sheets.


Sam managed to do his codeclub assignment in 15 mins.  Still struggling with whether it is worth crossing the harbour for, not as long as they are doing scratch I think but hoping it will prod him on to Python which he is finding more difficult (not surprisingly) and he enjoys the social aspect.  By chance a friend from the club was on the site at the same time as time this afternoon and they spent some time chatting.  He did also make it out for a beach hike and chips with Cubs 🙂

Realised end of last week and start of this fizzled out on the blogging front.  There was a similarity to today, home ed admin – mainly of the trip booking variety plus hayfever induced headaches and can’t be botheredness.

Bit of a disaster when they announced that we can’t have half price rate for laser tag any more.  Makes it too expensive to keep doing but begging for a rethink and looking at alternatives as far and away Sam’s favourite activity and I like having the chance for a relaxed chat with the other parents – or sometimes being a passenger for my friend’s 3yo as he repeatedly crashes the helicopter simulator.  Sam didn’t get upset though in fact he was quite enthusiastic about one of the suggestions to the level he ‘might actually prefer that’.

On the work front nothing spectacular to report.  We’re enjoying position unit in maths.  This was reading and following directions.20160312_40 20160312_41

Prepositions are proving surprisingly fun in English.  Lots of moving about; climbing on the table and under etc.  Last week’s Writing With Ease used the Wizard of Oz.  I put the entire series on the kindle as he enjoyed the extracts and I think he’s on the third book.

We had a friend who moved last year drop by on Thursday so my plans for productivity failed there too.  It was far, far nicer to see them though, long over due catch up 🙂  Then various people were in and out collecting stuff and my dad showed up for a long discussion of what we think is wrong with my toilet (my house really is rubbish!)

We had our second library session on Friday and it didn’t go as well we lost all the kids quite early.  Think no one was really in the right positive work frame of mind and it spread.  Might suggest we take some games next time.  Do 40 mins work and play games after.  Although we usually play games as work 🙂  We did manage all our English and Maths and coloured most of a geological map.  I had a headache and needed to get home for someone to collect some games so we never made it to park after.  Pity as bus was late and we spent 40 mins in bus shelter instead and it was sunny and warm.

Time seems to be galloping along at the moment.  Life has frustrations but they are minor.  Once I’m on top of the headaches, poor sleep patterns (mine but starting to be issue for Sam) and asthma, we’ll have things going well I hope.

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