When Life Gives You Lemons…

…or sick children in this case, you stay home and do a long overdue clear out and bake cake.  When life gives you fatty burgers that go up in flames, you eat the cake washed down with wine.  Life is definitely what you make it and cake helps a lot!

We had been looking forward to the HE trip planned. I’m fine after yesterday’s cold worries – must be hayfever, wet and grey today which always helps.  But in the end it was an easy call.  Sam was pale, waxy and hot to touch when he woke up, no way was he fit enough.  Decision made all we had to do was make the best of the day.  

There was lots of reading.  He’s quite taken with The Wizard of Oz.  Still working through the Horrible Science books yet again.  The magazine on Minecraft coding has been devoured.

We worked through the first part of the week on cel animation on the FutureLearn course on animation that we started ages ago.  We did do the activity but it was a mistake and his heart wasn’t in it.  Lot of jollying along needed from me.

I did spend rather too much of the day with my hand in the toilet cistern.  Don’t know what was wrong and what I did to fix it but it works so we’ll settle for that.

On the more productive use of time I did get around to listing lots of games/old resources on the local HE selling site so have (or will have) more space. Oh and made cake (not icing the top makes it more lunch box friendly).


Flip book app and computer games played.  More Horrible Histories was watched and we watched Bill this evening when Jack was back.

A day not without it’s negatives but as ever more positives.

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