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Appear to have left it quite a while since last post.  We survived Gang Show week yet again.  Never quite sure why I find it so exhausting, as I am not the one on stage all week or providing lifts, but I do.  It sort of takes over the entire family’s schedule for the week.  Worth it though!  I think Jack gets more out of Gang Show than school.

The other big issue of the week was trying to get Sam’s sleep rhythms back to sensible levels.  I don’t know why the clock change throws him out so much, there were days of not falling asleep until 3am or later and then obviously not getting up until late.  Of course, theoretically, being home ed we don’t ‘have’ to be anywhere or out of the house at 8 for school.  In reality, of course, in order to get out of the house in time to have a social life he needs to keep sociable hours.  For my sanity too!  I go the other way and 5am is a lie in.

We had a few days of virtually no screen time as that usually helps (and it did).  They are days that require a lot of effort on my part to keep the smile going as he is over tired and emotional.  Think we managed to submit 15 projects to in a day!  We didn’t do them all in the day but reviewed what we had done in Science and used what we could for the Geologist and Palaeontologist skills.

Turned out we’d not done that much of the palaeontologist so he made a Lego dinosaur and made up a prehistoric creature.

20160405_7 20160405_15

He moved on to spend a fair amount of time making memes.  None of it makes any sense to me.  He also upgraded to ‘Scratch master’.

creeper meme one does not simply

We managed to stretch going out to buy the Beano into about 1/2 day by catching bus into town.  He’s also grasping his freedom so I’ve been able to get him busy and active by sending him to the library or in to the village on errands.  We had a nice evening walk one day.

There was also still a fair amount of screens, we watched a few bits with Jack (Sam even stayed about for Dr Who), lots of Horrible Histories and some kindle.  The end of the week disappeared in some very long work days (very, very long!) for me in order to try and get my contribution to something done before we reached the end of the holidays.  So my efforts earlier in the week slipped back a bit.  Touch wood I think things are getting better now.

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