Coding Challenges

This week’s code club was a definite hit.  I read though the challenge on Tues morning and thought ah he’ll like this one.  There was nothing I hadn’t seen him do before but it was a lot more complex and involved than previous ones, lot more coding involved.  He spent the bus journey reading and planning what he was going to do.  It took him the full session to do with a couple of challenges.

I challenge anyone over a certain age to see that and not think ‘Simon’!
So later in the week Sam talked me through making my own version 🙂

The early starts and long days on Monday and Tuesday caught up on Weds and I let Sam sleep until latish anyway but he was so sad when I woke him I left him there and he didn’t get up until 10.  By that time I had become distracted by a project, never a good idea.  My quick attempt to install all the stuff to the computer needed for a course on coding mobile apps (thought I’d get ahead!) did not go well.  In the end it took me 5 1/2 hours to get it working with a lot of frustration on route.

Reminder that for days to be a success I need to devote mornings (at least) to Sam.  Never works to try and split myself.  Concentrate on one thing and do it well is the best approach for me.

On a positive I did get it working in the end and have made progress in the course.  It really would have been a damp squib of a day if I’d failed after all of that!

There was a bit of escape and fresh air at the park.



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