DIY club – Astronaut

Wednesday was our second DIY group.  We lost a lot of people in the couple of days before/that day to illness and circumstance but was a really nice session.  All the children had done some prep beforehand and had ideas and thoughts to share.  Exactly what I wanted the group to be.
Plus the sun was out so we spent half the session enjoying the hall garden.  Still really loving the hall.

We tested different soil types for pH.

Soil testing

Designed a space suit.20160415_121717

Gave up on the idea of a debate on whether aliens exist as they all said yes, so we let them explain in turn why they thought that then asked them questions.  I was impressed they had all thought about it.  The same was true when we discussed why they thought we needed space law and what laws we had and needed.
We also shared some Russian phrases, in case they ever encounter a cosmonaut :).

You can see Sam’s videos on the Space Law, Russian and Extra-terrestrial life on the DIY Astronaut skill.

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